Keep on top of HVAC maintenance with the help of the experts

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In times of uncertainty, regular HVAC maintenance is extremely important as it keeps a business’ HVAC system performing efficiently. The nature of HVAC maintenance does change depending on the season, and Eco M&E is on hand to help its customers know what to expect at different times of the year.

With many years of experience in electrical and mechanical maintenance, Eco M&E, a division of EcolightingUK, provides full risk assessments and method statements and uses fully trained engineers to comply with all relevant mechanical and electrical regulations and safety procedures. Working under CDM regulations, Eco M&E can offer a first class service to meet time scales, quality standards, and budgets. 

In order for businesses to keep functioning as best they can, those in charge of maintenance and servicing need to be educated on which parts require what and how the conditions of a system effects the type of work it needs. Manufacturer’s recommendations should also be taken into account.

Eco M&E engineers recommend:

  • That coils and pipes in HVAC equipment for example are responsible for heat transfer all year round, so if the equipment gets dirty it won’t transfer heat and energy quite as well.
  • Checking controls annually to ensure that the HVAC system is running properly, as control calibration does tend to alter. By scheduling regular check-ups accurate operation is maintained.
  • Maintaining equipment with fans quarterly to maximise longevity. Three key areas include the impellers, belts and bearings for any dirt, wear and tear, friction or erosion.
  • Many pieces of your HVAC equipment also incorporate filters, and when clogged increase the pressure drop in a system which makes fans work harder to maintain the same airflow. A quarterly clean is usually sufficient for most filters. This is also true of strainers in systems.

With spring now upon us, businesses need to optimise their HVAC and electrical equipment for maximum efficiency. This includes reviewing the sequence of operations for a morning warm up and cool down.

Eco M&E also advises that thermostat locations should be a one-time fix and moisture prevention is an area to monitor year-round. With the help of the experts, HVAC maintenance doesn’t have to be time-consuming, but it’s a critical part of maintaining an energy-efficient building that’s comfortable and reliable.

Noise complaints can also be an issue if HVAC maintenance isn’t carried out regularly. Spring is a good time for businesses to perform regular maintenance on their equipment before summer comes, and should be used to ensure that condenser coils and air handler filters are both clean. The dirtier the equipment, the noisier and less efficient it becomes, which is bad news for any business. 

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