Experts in Providing Energy Efficient Lighting Solutions to Business and Industry

EcolightingUK Ltd are a Made in the Midlands Digital Member

Offering Full Turn Key Solutions, Our Core Strength Is Lighting within Commercial and Industrial Environments

Ecolighting offers a versatile product range using the latest LED technology, creating bespoke solutions for any number of applications. We are a Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier, assessed to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and also members of the Lighting Industry Association. All this means we are fully committed to offering exceptional service, quality, technology and value.

Our clients come to us because we are approachable, flexible, and have a reputation for excellent customer service. We are recognised experts in providing energy efficient lighting solutions to business and industry.

Ecolighting was originally established as Lutterworth Electrical in 1971, providing electrical services to the domestic and agricultural markets. Driven by the demand for high quality, energy efficient industrial luminaires, our awareness and involvement in manufacturing grew, leading to the design, manufacturing and supply of market leading products.

Our significant experience in the consultation and design process grew into a service of its own, and so it became necessary to re-brand the company to Ecolighting in 2011. The electrical services division of Ecolighting is still running today, under the Ecolectrical brand, and this heritage is essential in enabling us deliver a top notch service for our clients.

A family owned and run business from the start; we pride ourselves in our unwavering commitment to these core values:

  • Acting with absolute integrity
  • Collaborating, supporting and respecting one another
  • Communicating openly, honestly and frequently
  • Developing a highly motivated, valued and diverse workforce
  • Optimising our financial and physical resources
  • Working towards a better environment for our children
  • Simplifying and improving our processes continuously

To find out more, please get in touch at 01455 552 511 [email protected] or simply fill out the contact form below.

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Services EcolightingUK Ltd Provide

Ecolighting manages the whole process, for our customers and with our customers. From viability, to conceptual design and light source specification


Our designers use the latest in lighting design software to produce bespoke, clear and accurate lighting schemes, which focus on where light is needed the most to reduce wasted light and therefore wasted energy.


Many of our specified products are made in the UK and our headline luminaires have been designed with ourselves to provide the best balance between commercial viability, light output and reliability, most of which come with over a five-year warranty.


We have a team of experienced project managers, qualified electricians and dedicated administrators to ensure that our customers benefit from a truly complete turn-key service.


Our commissioning engineers will ensure that your lighting installation meets or exceeds your requirements, our promises, and the law. We make sure that when we leave site; you are up and running for good.

The EcolightingUK Ltd Team

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Latest News

Ecolighting won the tender for the lighting upgrade and based on our past experience with them we were delighted to be working with them again. We needed lighting that was specific to the project; the mezzanine floor is fitted with shelves and has narrow aisles so we required a system that matched the arrangement of the warehouse.

“Ecolighting offers a specialist LED system that is energy saving and works well with the control system we currently have in place. The lights time out when an area is not in use and with the five-year guarantee, 12-month installation warranty and the fittings being maintenance-free, we’re very happy with the results. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with Ecolighting again in the future.

- Paul Street, Engineering Manager at Debenhams -

The support we receive from Ecolighting is fantastic. In particular the personal support by Ecolighting staff on site provides very valuable knowledge for ourselves and our customer and certainly helps us win projects. Ecolighting produce proposal documents for us which gives us details of energy efficiencies and incentives for the customer which is great.

- Toby Deas, Managing Director of Deaselec -

As part of some general improvements to the warehouse we decided to switch to LED lighting to reduce our running costs. We chose to work with Ecolighting as they are local to us and have already done a great job in our rear warehouse. We found they were the best solution for our requirements and with their new LED luminaires we are now getting improved light levels at a lower energy usage. We are very pleased with the results.

- Simon Corbett, Financial Director at Voestalpine -

We have worked with Ecolighting for about three years and they have installed low energy luminaires into most of our branches. Westbury is one of the latter sites being updated, but we are already finding massive energy saving benefits at the sites using Ecolighting products. The installations have also enabled savings under the Government CRC Scheme, whereby we purchase our carbon allowances. As we use less energy we burn less carbon, so again another large saving.
I would definitely recommend Ecolighting to others. They have always been very supportive to our needs and carried out all installations without any disruption to the business. Their aftersales support is excellent and they are very quick to respond/attend to any requests. They have very friendly staff and nothing is too much trouble, no matter how large or small your company is I feel everyone is of equal importance to Ecolighting. We are very happy with the results hence the ongoing use of their services.

- Tracy Lister, Property Manager at MAN Truck & Bus UK -

We chose to work with Ecolighting based on our past experience with them not only providing value for money but also their high customer service levels. The team at Ecolighting are incredibly responsive and very flexible if there is a potential issue that could cause delays. They really do focus on customer service and operational needs and are always very professional and efficient.
All but two of our eleven distribution centres have now been completed and in the last three or four months since the first distribution centres were completed in Guildford, Maidstone and Portbury, we have achieved a 50% reduction in energy which is excellent.

- Ian Kirkpatrick, Group Director at Stapletons Tyres -

The new system is energy saving and works well with the control system we currently have in place. We like that the lights time out when an area is not in use and found that Ecolighting were the best solution for our requirements. We are very pleased with the results and would highly recommend them to complete an installation for anyone in the market looking to upgrade their current lighting or to install a new lighting system.

- Lisa Cooley, General Manager at PFSweb -

Ecolighting were part of a competitive tender process for the lighting upgrade in Wakefield and provided the best all round solution to fit our requirements. Since that time we have gone on to work together on a number of similar projects throughout the portfolio.”
He continued, “There are a number of benefits that have come from installing the new LEDs. These include meeting the required lux level and exceeding the minimum required, not having to worry about regular upkeep and maintenance for the fittings and having the emergency lighting feature included was another requirement taken care of. The Ecolighting products are cost effective, have saved us around 66% in energy savings and helping to reduce our carbon foot print in line with our Road to Zero campaign. We are very happy with the results and would recommend Ecolighting to anyone looking to upgrade their lighting.

- Chris Earle, Property Asset Manager at Bibby Distribution -

Ecolighting have been a pleasure to work with and have fitted our huge site with energy efficient and effective LED lighting. The new lights were fitted in our new facility for reverse logistics and are a nice clean white, are sensitive to movement, easy to maintain and can be moved around if necessary. I was very impressed with the engineers, who should be recognised for their punctuality, lack of disruption and overall great attitudes. Not only were they tidy, honest and accommodating, they came to me and questioned the plan in place when they knew it couldn’t be right. They not only challenged what they knew was wrong but asked for my input for the new strategy, which I found very commendable.Outside the building we also had our street lighting updated. The lights we had in place were very ineffective, and despite an installation issue everything was great. The team of engineers kept us informed of everything that was going on so when a problem did arise, I knew exactly what was happening. I would highly recommend Ecolighting to anyone looking to upgrade their lighting and am very pleased with the end result.

- Mark Currie, CEO of Mantra Learning -

Ecolighting made a number of visits whilst we looked at various options and nothing was too much trouble for them. Once the order was placed, the project team came on site and produced an in depth installation plan so that we could schedule and restrict access to areas of the shop floor with lots of notice. Out of hours work was included. The installation team worked to food quality standards at all times and were very friendly and efficient. We were also pleased with the good quality documentation supplied upon project completion. The higher lighting levels across the factory now easily meets the health and safety requirements and the lighting is now running at much lower energy consumption, therefore saving us money. We would definitely recommend Ecolighting to others looking to upgrade their systems. Our lighting levels have improved and are keeping shop floor employees happy and our energy consumption is down which is keeping the accountants happy, so we are very pleased with the end result.

- Andy Pynn, Electrical and Projects Engineer at Butcher’s Pet Care -

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